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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Coalition for Mathematics for Human Flourishing is a non-profit organization that shares people's stories of their lived experiences of mathematics in order to promote human rights and human flourishing -- the well-lived life -- in school mathematics and beyond.  CMHF is for educators, students, and all others who are passionate about our mission and beliefs.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone has a positive relationship with mathematics, where mathematics is seen as a tool for empowerment and liberation, and where everyone has access to the mathematical knowledge and skills they need to thrive in school and beyond.  As a result, we:

Share stories of people engaged in all forms of mathematics.  Change learning and lives for the better.  Shape the future for all.

(need another quote here)

Our Core Beliefs

What we believe about mathematics:

  • The most worthwhile experiences with mathematics allow everyone to lead a well-lived life [need detail about what we mean by this].

  • Mathematics is experienced by individuals in an endless variety of ways.  No one description of "mathematics" can account for all of these individual experiences.

  • Mathematics involves coming to better understand ourselves and the world through exploring structures, patterns, and ideas in collaboration with others.  It is a set of practices/habits/dispositions/virtues (ways to be), not just a set of facts/skills/algorithms (things to know). 

  • School mathematics has often been limited and limiting – especially for people from historically marginalized groups, but also for many others.  Schools can open mathematics to all through changes in practices and policies.

What we believe about storytelling and story sharing:

  • Working to understand the lived experiences of individuals is vital to supporting their well-being.

  • Sharing stories and experiences in many formats helps us to better understand each other.

What we believe about our work:

  • Diverse perspectives are vital in the work of our organization.

  • We can help to humanize school mathematics and to broaden societal views of mathematics by sharing individuals’ experiences and collaboratively working toward changes in policies and practices.


*The phrase “Mathematics for Human Flourishing” is taken from the book of the same name by Francis Su (2020), in full collaboration with Dr. Su, who continues to participate in this organization and its work.

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