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Related Organizations

We celebrate the many organizations and individuals who are also striving to promote human rights and human flourishing through mathematics.  Below are some of these organizations, and we will continue to add more to this list as we become aware of them.  We encourage you to engage with these groups as well.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics advocates for high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for each and every student.  NCTM is the world's largest mathematics education organization.

TODOS: Mathematics for All

The mission of TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is to advocate for equity and high quality mathematics education for all students - in particular, Latina/o students.

Benjamin Banneker Association (BBA)

BBA is dedicated to empowering Black children by actively pursuing effective solutions to the challenges hindering their access to equal opportunities in mathematics education and achievement.

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)

AMTE is the largest professional organization devoted to the improvement of mathematics teacher education.


The main goal at YouCubed is to inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on maths learning into accessible and practical forms.

Just Equations

Just Equations reconceptualizes the role of math in ensuring educational equity, working across educational segments to advance evidence-based strategies on the pathway from high school to college.

Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin

The Dana Center works to dismantle barriers in education systems to ensure each and every student have access to and success in an excellent education. 

Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice seeks to be a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance the human rights of all people. 

Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM)

OCTM supports the growth of mathematics educators, and they promote diversity and equity through inclusive structures and practices that promote access to mathematics for all students and educators.

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