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Share Your Story(-ies) of Mathematics

How have you experienced mathematics in your life -- in or out of school? 

What would you like educators and policymakers to know? 

Do you know someone else with a story to share?

We invite and encourage you to share your stories related to one or more of the questions below.  If you wish to provide a link to a video, audio recording, image, etc., you will be able to do so.

  • What does "mathematics" mean to you?

  • How do you engage in mathematics in your life?

  • What are/were your school experiences with mathematics?

  • Have you had life or school experiences that reflect any of the Standards for Mathematical Practice?

  • Have you had life or school experiences in mathematics that reflect any of these "basic human desires"?  [from the book Mathematics for Human Flourishing by Francis Su, (2020)]

  • How do you see yourself in mathematics, in or out of school?

  • Have you had a particular experience that changed your understanding or feelings about mathematics?

  • Who are your role models in mathematics?

  • What are your hopes for young people in mathematics?

  • What do you believe mutually beneficial partnerships among students, families, and educators look and feel like in mathematics? How can we develop such partnerships?  

  • OR, share your experiences and ideas about other aspects of mathematics!

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